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Miss Lyz's Quail Tip

The Girl in Red

Miss Lyz
16 July


I am in the stages of my life where I am trying to make a path for myself. Or make myself into a person that I can live with. I want to be happy like anyone else would be. I like people who don't care for appearances or like to have fun.
I have a very harsh creative side and love to think creatively almost 24/7, anything and everything I love to do (Art, writing, fashion, etc.)
I am not an up-tight person, I take criticism like a man!
I am a very nice person and very open-minded! I grew up being taught by my wonderful family & friends, appearances do not make the personality or the person.
I am looking for fun friends and interesting people.
Freaks, Geeks, Nerds, Dorks(I am one myself) or just laid back people, those are type of people that I'd like to meet.

I had an old lj account but didn't like the name for it, it was such a dorky name (redrose888)LOL XD

40s fashion, 50s fashion, 50s pin-up, abandoned barns, anime, anime conventions, antiques, art, bar hoping, bats, bed, bentos, black and white colors, body mods, boots, bread, bugs, buttercup (powerpuff girls), butterflies, canines, carnivals, cats, circus, clean teeth, clothes, clubbing, cobwebs, comics, corsets, costumes, creepy antiques, cryptology, cutesy things, ddr, dead trees, dirt bikes, disney, dorks, dreams, dressing up, duct tape, elegance, elegant gothic lolita, elvira, evil, fairies, fancy boots, fashion, felines, festivals, fetish fashion (like marquis), flea markets, fluffy things, folklore, food, freaks, fruits, fun, furries, fuzzies, gangoru, garage sales, geeks, good beats, gothic fashion, green, hair falls, harajuku, historic buildings, intellect, j-rock, japaneses street style, kodona, laughing, legends, leopard print, lip service, long finger nails, losers, make-up, manga, mario, motorcycles, mud, music, music., nature, natures destruction, nerds, nightmares, nintendo, nintendo 64, old houses, old things, para para, parasol, pastries, petshop of horrors, photography, picnics, pink and green, pink hair, plaid skirts, playground, polka dots, pretty painted fingernails, quiet, railroad tracks, rain, raves, reading, red hair, red lipstick, roses, safety pins, school girl outfits, sega, shoes, shopping, silky smooth hair, singing in the car, sleeping, spider webs, spiders, strange and unusual people, strawberries, stripe socks, stripes, super heroes, super mario 3, super nintendo, super strength, sweet lolita, tails, tea, thunder storms, tmnt, top hats, transformers, tripp nyc, tube socks, turquoise and black, vampira, video games, warm weather, wigs, yaoi, yoshi, yuri, zelda